Past Sponsors
Our sponsors are very special people who find it in their hearts to participate in a big way so that the Bon-Odori New Paltz Dance Festival can continue to bring love, good vibes, and a very special message of shared community year after year.
From our beginnings they are (in alphabetical order): Antilogy Design, Chronogram, Earthgoods, Elting Memorial Library, The Falcon, Gomen-Kudasai Noodle Shop, Groovy Blueberry, Huguenot Street Society, KISS MY FACE, New Paltz Karate Academy, PDQ Printing, Roll Magazine Online, Sukuhothai Restaurant, SUNY New Paltz, Vanaver Caravan, Wan Ja Shan Soy Sauce, WDST, Wells Fargo, WKZE, WHVW, and WVKR.

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Please patronize their business as they support our festival  Laughing